Dr. France Talbot
Professor at the Université de Moncton,
Licensed psychologist from the
New Brunswick College of Psychologists,
Founder of the platform

etherapies.ca was created by Dr. France Talbot in 2013. etherapies.ca is now the official website of the Telepsychotherapy Unit founded in 2016 and located at the Université de Moncton.

Stress, anxiety and low mood are frequent problems. However, relatively few people use or access traditional face-to-face psychological services. Many barriers can be encountered such as stigma or a lack of availability of such services. Internet psychotherapies represent an option that can help to overcome these barriers and facilitate access to evidence-based psychological treatments. A number of Internet-based therapies have been shown to be effective.

The Internet psychotherapies offered and assessed at etherapies do not require travelling or face-to-face appointments with a mental health professional. They are of brief duration, typically between 6 to 8 weeks depending on the therapy program. They can take different forms, such as written therapy or they may be similar to an online course with lessons and homework. Emails are used as the primary mode of communication.

Students who are conducting or conducted a study at our Telepsychotherapy Research Unit

Telepsychotherapy Research Unit Team

Director France Talbot, PhD, Psychology, Université de Moncton
Research Collaborator
(Wellbeing Course)
Jalila Jbilou, Psychology, Université de Moncton; Medicine, Université de Sherbrooke
Canadian Collaborators
(Wellbeing Course/Mood Mechanic Course)
Heather Hadjistavropoulos, PhD, Psychology, University of Regina
Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, PhD, Psychology, University of Regina
International Collaborators Nickolai Titov, PhD, eCentreClinic and MindSpot Clinic, Macquarie University
Blake Dear, PhD, eCentreClinic and MindSpot Clinic, Macquarie University
Current Students Dominique Basque, masters level
Gabrielle Cloutier
Vanessa Fournier, doctorate level
Alex-Anne Lamoureux
Josée LeBlanc, doctorate level
Graduate students who conducted a study at our Telepsychotherapy Research Unit Daniella DaPonte, doctorate level
Jean-Sébastien Fournier, masters level
Miguel Robichaud, doctorate level
Margaux Roch-Gagné, doctorate level
Information Technology Oohoo / Interactive Wisdom, Alberta, Canada

Financial partners

Since the creation of the etherapies.ca, our team has received the financial support of several agencies:

General partners

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